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Yuri Chervochkin was born in 31 December 1984. Joined the then still not banned National Bolshevik Party in January 2006. Jura was one of those who are always ready to fight for victory and to go before the end of the goal, not just in word but in deed. He almost created from scratch in the city of Serpukhov one of the most active of party cells in the Moscow region, has participated and the organizers of the protest action, addressing both local and federal level.

On 25 September 2006 Yuri Chervochkin was involved in the action at the Ministry of Finance. National Bolsheviks demanded return of the citizens of Russia savings lost as a result of "shock therapy", to recognize the priority of domestic debt on the outside and, above all, to ensure the welfare of its citizens.

2 October 2006 Jura had been part of a group of 50 activists detained while trying to pass the State Duma in Moscow. According to Article 100 of the Russian Constitution, the right to be present at meetings of the citizens guaranteed by the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation. But, then Yuri and the others were taken to police department, where he stayed until the evening.

7 November 2006, Jura Chervochkin participated in a rally near the Moscow office of "Surgutneftegas", was arrested along with another thirty activists and arrested for 15 days. Participants called for an end to repression against the independent trade union "Profsvoboda" and fulfill the legitimate demands of workers of Petroleum.

On 25 January 2007, he was also arrested during a rally at the Main Investigation Department, where oppositioners came to support their comrades who are still detained in the case of self-defense in Tagansky court. By the time of the meeting, six political prisoners in this case several times extended period of detention, although the investigation did not in fact conducted.

Yuri Chervochkin also could not ignore the arbitrary power and a mockery of the electoral rights of citizens. On 11 March 2007 he, along with two comrades in the struggle, was at the polling station in the town of Odintsovo, Moscow Region, where they held a protest against the forged elections in The Moscow Regional Duma. Yuri, and Sergei Klimov and Vladimir Sidorin were taken into custody and held in SIZO 55/10 Mozhayskoye city about a month, then were released to house arrest under the subscription. "Law enforcement" bodies of the Moscow region could not accept this and have repeatedly tried to make a provocation against the Jura, that he again changed the measure. For example, June 11, when Yuri came to police departmant learn the fate of friends who were detained at the station on arrival in March of dissent, he was beaten, and it was prepared false minutes of the alleged "petty hooliganism". World Court Jury arrested on 5 days, but the change of preventive measures are not followed. Then he had instituted another criminal case under article 318 Criminal Code.

Yuri Chevochkin repeatedly detained before "Marches of Dissident's" in the so-called operation "Barrier", aiming to prevent the involvement of activists in high-profile opposition activities.

A new phase of persecution of activists began with the Moscow Duma election campaign starting in autumn 2007. Yuri Chervochkin, despite everything, continued to coordinate the activities of agitators, called spoil ballots and write across them: "The Other Russia."He threatened. The threats came from the UBOP of Moscow region, in particular, from Alexei Okopny, a 4-th Division, involved in combating extremism and terrorism, as well as opposition movements. Yuri promised to "beat in the head" if he will continue to engage in political activity. In October 2007, Yuri Chervochkin UBOP staff was evacuated to Moscow, where he "interviewed" about five hours. November 4, they did he was again detained in Serpukhov.

22 November 2007 Yuri called Received Sobkor.Ru site and said that it was followed by four members of UBOP, whom he knows well - just those who participated in his repeated arrests and "conversations" with him. Before that, during the day, he and several supporters of "Another Russia", was detained and taken to the Criminal Investigation Department to take receipts that they would not participate in the "March of Dissident's" in Moscow, scheduled for November 24.

The evening of 22 November 2007 a resident of the city of Serpukhov in the city police department and advised that the water in the street near the chocolate factory is a man beaten. It was Yuri. Documents, money, mobile phones have been with him, nothing was stolen. The witness saw him beat four men in dark clothing. He methodically and brutally beaten on the head with a baseball bat.

As a condition of Jura was taken to hospital. The initial diagnosis was as follows: brain contusion, hematoma parietal bone, closed fracture of his left hand wrist. Later, the diagnosis explained he was much heavier - an open brain injury, a fracture of the skull base. Jura fell into coma. It was an urgent operation. A few days Yuru moved to Moscow in the Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery, where the re-surgery, but to withdraw from coma were not able to. He began sepsis. Friends, comrades and simply indifferent people came to donate blood for him. 11 December 2007, does not come to consciousness, Yuri Chervochkin, died in hospital.

The internal affairs described "incident" under Article 213 part 2 - "hooliganism, committed with the use of weapons or objects used as weapons." Reports of beatings, Yuri did not even got to the summary of incidents in the Moscow region. After his death, because there were aggravating circumstances, the case was referred to the prosecutors office in Moscow region. To take up his own personal commitment, Chief of Investigation Department, Oleg V. Tselepotkin. However, a corollary to this day is very low.