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At night from 6 to 7 March, 2009, in Saint Petersburg, a blogger Vadim Charushev (born 1979) was taken to psychiatric hospital despite his protests. The information was received from Olga Kurnosova, the leader of the United Civic Front headed by Garry Kasparov. According to Olga Kurnosova, Charushev doesn’t belong to any political unit because of his views to stay outside any party affiliation. Charushev used to work at the Pensioners’ Fund of Saint Petersburg. He is a mathematician by profession. In Kurnosova’s words, Charushev is an active blogger who established a number of groups in the VKontakte social network (analogous to the Facebook) which were critical of Putin and the current political trends in Russia. The groups were entitled “I have not voted for the United Russia party”, “Down with the Dictatorship of the KGB!”, “When we make 10 million, Vladimir Putin will have to run along the Novy Arbat in white strings”

Olga Kurnosova told that Charushev had quit his job at the Pensioners’ Fund because of his argument with the chief of the department.

On March 6, he called Kurnosova and told that he was on the way to the former place of work to congratulate his former women colleagues with the coming International Women’s Day. He also asked that the former chief could be against his visit and asked if anybody could accompany him there. Olga Kurnosova asked one of the members of the United Civic Front to go there together with the Charushev but they didn’t meet. Charushev made the next phone call when he was at the building of the Pensioners’ Fund.

He was scared with the accident that had happened to him a minute before that. Two young people, a girl and a boy, approached him. All of a sudden, the girl who he had not met before, rushed to him and started hugging him. When Charushev was trying to get rid of her, he felt that the other man made an injection to his leg. Later that day Charushev called his friend, Vsevolod Nelaev. He tells that Vadim was asked for help explaining that he had been injected by some substance. Nelaev told that Charushev was speaking with difficulty.
Then he got disconnected. That day he got home only at around 1.30 am. At 3 am he was taken from his home to the police department #30. The circumstances of the detention are not clear.

Members of the United Civic Front were trying to find Charushev. At 7 am on March 7, they called to the inquiry office and learnt that Charushev had been taken to psychiatric hospital #6.

On March 15, Smolninskij district court of Saint Petersburg held their session in the premises of the hospital. The judge Smirnova upheld the decision of the hospital to subject Charushev to enforced psychiatric treatment. During court session Charushev stated that he protested his enforced treatment and told the circumstances of his detention. Although the doctors admitted that Charushev wasn’t diagnosed, he was ruled to be kept in hospital during the period of up to six months.